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2019 Photos

2019 Winners

Photo of winners from the 2019 Infinite Mile Award Ceremony

Winners from the 2019 Infinite Mile Award Ceremony. 

Front Row, left to right:  Jamie Bartholomay, Joseph Figueiredo, Tom Bork, Haley Tidd, Vimala Palaniswamy

Middle Row, left to right:  Chris Haynes, Rachel Barry, Carmen Finn, Samantha Farrell, Vice President for Research Maria Zuber

Back Row, left to right:   Provost Martin Schmidt, Lauren Foster, Julie Kukharenko, Stephanie Muto, Brad Francis, Rachel Drake


Photos from the Awards Reception

photo of IMA winner Haley Tidd with colleagues Sherwin Greenblatt and Tim Miano

Infinite Mile Award winner Haley Tidd from MIT Venture Mentoring Service poses with colleagues Sherwin Greenblatt (left), Tim Miano (center).

photo of IMA winner Vimala Palaniswamy with family and colleagues

Infinite Mile Award Vimala Palaniswamy winner celebrates with family and colleagues from Open Learning, ODL, Bootcamp. 
From left to right:  Thomas Bazerghi, Suku Palaniswamy, Vimala Palaniswamy, Ranga Palaniswamy, Mariah Rawding, Jane Rossi, and Erdin Beshimov.

photo of IMA winner Joseph Figueiredo with family and colleagues

Award winner Joseph Figueiredo from the Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM), celebrates with family and colleagues. 
From left to right:  Antonio Morais, Corey Gallo, Sandy Figueiredo, Joseph Figueiredo, Monica Lezeau and Keith Kun.

photo of IMA winner Chris Haynes with family

Chris Haynes, award winner from the MIT International Design Center, with his wife Tessa, daughter Olivia and mother Annie Blair.

photo of team members of the Love lab with IMA winner Rachel Barry.

Team members of the Love lab, celebrate with Infinite Mile Award winner Rachel Barry. 
From left to right:  Alexandra Bonnyman, Mary Kate Tracey, Brinda Monian and Rachel Barry.

photo of IMA winner Brad Francis with colleagues

Award winner Brad Francis (pictured second from left) of MITii with colleagues Tim Miano, Phil Budden and Tom Luly.

photo of IMA winners from the Research Laboratory of Electronics

Infinite Mile Award winners from the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) include Samantha Farrell, Stephanie Muto and Rachel Drake.  Pictured with Richard Petruzzelli and Professor Marc Baldo.

photo of members of the TLO with award winner Lauren Foster.

Members of the Technology Licensing Office (TLO) celebrate with award winner Lauren Foster. 
From left to right:  Zineta Borogovac, Andrew Eng, Jim Freedman, Lauren Foster, Andrew Moomey, Lesley Millar-Nicholson and Karen Baird.