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2017 Photos

2017 Winners
photo of Infinite Mile Award winners


Pictured from left to right:
Front row: Carol Wood, Josephina Lee, Maria Silveira, Stacy DeBartolo, Kelsey Montgomery, Erika Reinfeld
Second row: Richard Lations, David Bellofatto, David Tracey, Leny Gocheva, Cynthia Barnhart, Sara Hellmond
Third row: Mariane Melo, George MacKay, Frank Lind, David Arsenault, Maria Zuber
Four row: Andrea Sullivan, James Chicarello, Marine Brown, Mark Whary, Kim Haberlin
Fifth row: Marisol Tabares, Corinne Hamilton, Bill Adams, Martin Schmidt

Not pictured above: Susan V. Agabian, Charles E. Cauley, Timothy Davis, Mark S. Iverson, and Ronald J. Rosati


Photos from the Awards Reception

photo of IMA winner Kim Haberlin with colleagues and family members

Infinite Mile Award winner Kim Haberlin celebrates with colleagues and family members. (Pictured from left to right: Chancellor Cindy Barnhart, Jag Patel, Kim Haberin, family members, and Maryanne Kirkbride.)

photo of IMA winner Richard Lations with family members

Family members celebrate with Richard Lations from the award winning Alcator C-Mod Team of RDTEU Technicians, Plasma Science and Fusion Center.


photo of IMA winner Stacy DeBartolo with colleagues

Infinite Mile Award winner Stacy DeBartolo (front) is cheered on by her colleagues in the Office of the Arts.