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2015 Photos

2015 Winners
photo of Infinite Mile Award winners


outline photo of Infinite Mile Award winners


1. William Barrett
2. Charlie Whittaker
3. Chris Noble
4. Martin Schmidt
5. Jeffrey Wyckoff
6. Richard Cook
7. Mark Derome
8. Lee Berkowitz
9. Jim Freedman
10. Christian Soule
11. Janice Balzer
12. David Carpenter


13. Joseph Foley
14. Jaime Cheah
15. Stuart Levine
16. Glenn Paradis
17. Kathy Cormier
18. Maria Zuber
19. Amanda Del Rosario
20. Eliza Vasile
21. Sylvia Hiestand
22. Melissa Kavlakli
23. Noranne Enzer

Not pictured above: Steve Dowdy, Ronald Rosati, Richard Hobbs, Sam Nicaise, Aurora Burds Connor, Abigail Lytton-Jean, Scott Malstrom


Photos from the Awards Reception

photo of Technology Licensing Office team winners

Technology Licensing Office team winners Chris Noble and Jim Freedman (both on far right) are joined by (left to right) Vice President for Research Maria Zuber, TLO Associate Director Jack Turner, Provost Martin Schmidt, and TLO Director Lita Nelsen.


photo of William Barrett

William Barrett, Assistant Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, heads to the stage for his award.

photo of Noranne Enzer, Kathy Cormier, and Koch colleagues

Two Koch Institute core team awardees, Kathy Cormier and Noranne Enzer (both far right), are celebrated by Koch colleagues (left to right) Charlene Condon, Weijia Zhang, and Mike Brown.

photo of Mark Derome and Haystack colleagues

Haystack Observatory awardee Mark Derome (center) is congratulated by Haystack colleagues Dr. Michael Hecht, Associate Director of Research Management (left) and Dr. Colin Lonsdale, Director (right).


photo of reception

IMA 2015 award winners enjoy the reception with their colleagues and family.