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2012 Photos

2012 Winners
photo of Infinite Mile Award winners


outline of photo of Infinite Mile Award winners


1. Claude Canizares
2. Krista Van Guilder
3. David Foss
4. Sonia Liou
5. Karen (KT) Paul
6. Jag Patel
7. Gail Monahan
8. Gingle Lee
9. Greg Harris
10. Shirley Wong
11. Jon Daries
12. Monica Orta


13. Nate Rogers
14. Jocelyn Sales
15. Stephen Wolfe
16. Rafael Reif
17. Peter Bebergal
18. Rolande Johndro
19. Kevin Fiala
20. Gayle Sherman
21. Stanley O. King II
22. Heather Konar
23. Nan Lin

 IMA winners not pictured: Dan Hu and Rebecca Marshall-Howarth


Photos from the May 14, 2012 Awards Reception

photo of ODGE award winners and friends
ODGE award winners Monica Orta (second from left) and Heather Konar (far right), with Monica’s family (far left) and Jessica Landry (ODGE; middle).

photo of Sea Grant winner and friends
Joanne McHugh, Trudi Walters, Gayle Sherman (award recipient), Judy Pederson (all from Sea Grant).


photo of TLO winners being congratulated by Provost Rafael Reif
Several members of the Technology Licensing Office being congratulated by Provost Rafael Reif: Stanley O. King II, Rolande Johndro, and Peter Bebergal