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Testimonials for the 2007 Infinite Mile Award Winners

Leia Grace Amarra, Sara Darcy, Edith B. Jaehne, Richard Lay, Administrative Services Organization Grants and Contract Financial Team:  This highly-skilled team serves three departments and provides support for 71 active faculty members.  They handle increasingly complex administrative tasks while working as a team in every sense of the word.  They work together effectively, look out for each other and offer to help when another team member is overloaded.  In addition, this exceptional team has created a productive and pleasant work environment.


Daniel Delgado, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost: His excellent judgment, respectful demeanor, and professionalism became evident from his first days in the office, when he arrived during the transition between Vice Presidents.  The office was in nearly total disarray. He applied his considerable skills in support of many beyond those he was told he would support while remaining calm, pleasant, and respectful. This was only the beginning of a multitude of additional responsibilities including his essential support role on the RAII Policy Committee. He has improved our lives with his competence in any area that is needed.


Lynn S. Heinemann, Sr. Editorial Assistant, Office of the Arts:  She combines resourcefulness, creativity, humor, and a real passion for the ‘hidden treasure’ of the arts at MIT.  Lynn’s knowledge of the arts at MIT is rich and deep. Few people would have Lynn’s ability to accurately, comprehensively, and patiently gather and publish information from a variety of disparate sources across MIT. It is this facet of her work that enables Arts Communication to act as a central source of information on MIT arts events and to work to increase awareness of the arts within MIT and outside of the Institute.


Jonathan A Himmel, Senior Project Manager-Construction, Department of Facilities:  His exceptional contributions to the progress of the E25 renovations, and his collegial approach have had a direct positive impact on both Whitaker College and HST.  John’s particular areas of excellence include: outstanding communication, teamwork, diplomacy and tact, professional expertise and analytical skills, problem-solving, mitigation of disruption, and command of complexity.  He is the most critical person on this project.  He is an outstanding individual who consistently goes the infinite mile to provide excellent service to everyone impacted at all levels by this project.


Elizabeth M. Horrigan, Supervisor, Colony Managers, Division of Comparative Medicine:  Her mouse colony management skills impact many aspects of the researchers work.  She saves them money and resources and allows them to concentrate on science.  She is exceptional in her understanding of the consistency needed to secure their trust.  Liz’s constant, regular attention to all details prevents delays in experiments.  She is a model of professionalism for others. Liz is exactly the kind of person that makes MIT great by going the extra mile.


Elaine Mello, Multimedia Specialist II, Academic Media Production Services:  She is results oriented, unflappable, and works long, hard, and smart.  Elaine has made and is making extraordinary contributions to the Distance Education Acquisition and Delivery area, contributions that are significant in terms of the high level of quality that AMPS is able to offer to strategic Institute programs.  Her work has been instrumental in the success of the Singapore-MIT Alliance and MIT benefits on a daily basis from her expertise and attention.


Andrew T. Pfeiffer, Engineering and Diagnostics Shop Supervisor, Plasma Science and Fusion Center: On a given day he might be found in one or more areas of the laboratory, crawling, climbing, hanging, just doing whatever it takes to get the system ready.  A day at work with him is like a day at the gym. Andy is a high-energy, high-talent individual, who possesses a combination of character, physical ability, ingenuity, and drive that help others succeed.  He has been instrumental in making C-MOD the world class experiment it is today.  Andy Pfeiffer typifies the excellence for which MIT is known worldwide.


Katherine Schlieper, Research Technologist, Division of Comparative Medicine: She is an exceptionally hard worker with very high standards, who made it possible for our research to continue during a challenging period by assuming an increased workload superimposed on diverse responsibilities in three different labs. Katherine’s incredible work ethic, competency, and  continual attention to detail amazed even those who know her well. We are fortunate to have someone of such high caliber, character, compassion, and commitment to excellence in our group.


Lorraine J. Simmons, Financial Staff Assistant, Research Laboratory of Electronics:  Lorraine is among the best of the unsung heroes of administration at MIT.  She is responsible for many behind-the-scene tasks that are essential to fulfill requirements. She accomplishes her duties with extraordinary efficiency, dedication, and effectiveness. Lorraine is always eager to volunteer to help others.  Her many years of excellent service to RLE and MIT, and her continuing dedication are worthy of special recognition.


Thomas L. Toland, Project Technician Electro – Mechanical, Plasma Science and Fusion Center:  Tommy has worked very hard and has become an important contributor to the Alcator C-Mod project since joining PSFC in 1989. Although there are 23 Alcator technicians, Tommy has become one of a select few technicians who are allowed to help operate C-Mod.  He has done an excellent job of maintaining our systems to very high standards, and has earned our trust. Tommy’s contributions should be recognized with an Infinite Mile Award.


Susan S. D. Tucker, Reactor Shift Supervisor and Quality Assurance Supervisor,  Nuclear Reactor Laboratory: Susan  has a determination for precision that is impressive and infectious and sets an expectation of others about MIT, professionalism, and integrity. She is ever learning, improving, and adapting to changing environments and new responsibilities so that she can better serve the reactor, NRL and MIT.  She inspires and motivates students by providing tours to selected school groups such as the Girl Scouts. Susan has made significant contributions to the goals of the reactor, NRL, and MIT.