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Testimonials for the 2006 Infinite Mile Award Winners

Joseph F. Connolly, Assistant Director for Administration, Research Laboratory of Electronics:  Joe brings dedication and caring to his job, whether he is working on difficult support staff management issues or on complex construction projects. Joe gets the job done because of his professional expertise and skill at bringing people together.  He has been the person at the center of directing and coordinating all the projects in the recent transformation of RLE's infrastructure.  Joe always goes the extra mile to enable faculty, researchers, and students to succeed in their educational and research endeavors.


Jim Daley, Project Technician and Mark Mondol, Research Specialist, Research Laboratory of Electronics:  Jim and Mark play key roles in the operation and coordination of RLE's NanoStructures Lab and Scanning-Electron-Beam Lithograph facility.   Students who use the lab universally praise both and they are gratefully acknowledged in their theses.  Jim and Mark form a core of competence in generating sub-100-nanometer structures on par or better than the very best nanostructure fabrication facilities in the world. Without them, RLE's progress in the exciting field of nanotechnology would be immediately impacted.


Gary L. Dekow, Operations & Engineering Coordinator, Plasma Science and Fusion Center:  Gary is an inspiration to the staff that work with and for him. Gary has done an exceptional job of providing leadership to the staff. He works constantly to improve both hardware and software, and putting in whatever hours are required to accomplish the task on time and with high standards.  Because of his dedication to his job and the hard work he puts in, Gary inspires hard work from those he directs. The success of Alcator Operations very much depends on Gary and the team of nearly thirty people whom he directs.


Linda K. Earle, Executive Assistant, and Nika Stoop, Resource Development Scientist, Computational & Systems Biology Initiative:   Linda and Nika are professional and dedicated staff, who stepped in this past year and assumed additional responsibilities for programmatic, outreach and fundraising activities for a group of 95 faculty members from twelve academic units in three different schools. Together they have kept CSBi running smoothly and have created a professional and welcoming environment for those who come in contact with CSBi.  MIT and CSBi are fortunate to have two such dedicated staff members.


Joshua M. Freedman, Assistant Director for Finance and Administration, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies:  Joshua has solved numerous complex and non-standard fiscal management challenges, mentored others, lead the development of a labor-saving ISN intranet system and stepped in to fill needs precipitated by loss of an employee or pressing sponsor deadlines. Joshua leads by example. The ISN can always count on Josh to collegially invest extra professional effort for the good of the ISN and MIT.


Kathleen Gilbert, Assistant Officer, Environment, Health & Safety Office: Kathy's outstanding performance in her liaison role as EHS Lead Contact has helped yield measurably significant progress in the EHS compliance of the labs in Whitaker College and HST. Kathy's professionalism and communication with students, staff and faculty, and her hands-on knowledge and expertise of biology and chemistry have been a tremendous resource to all.


Greg Harris, Sonia Liou, Mandy Smith, Joan O'Brien, Jag Patel, and Shirley Wong, Institutional Research Team, Office of the Provost and Information Services & Technology: This is a team that has an impressive set of diverse skills and an extraordinary work ethic. Regardless of what they are asked to do, they do it well, they do it quickly and they do it with enthusiasm and good humor. From running major surveys to analyzing statistics to providing administrative support their dedication to MIT is at the  heart of everything they do - and it shows! Their exemplary performance is worthy of recognition.


Ronald E. Hasseltine, Assistant Dean for Finance, Office of the Dean, School of Science: Ron has provided extraordinary service as Co-chair of the Research Administration Improvement Initiative (RAII). He has improved communication among various members of the community and encouraged collaborative efforts on research issues. Ron has articulated the goals and achievements of his committee effectively so that there is a clear sense of what is being accomplished by this team. The academic community owes Ron a great debt for his hard work and generous donation of time and energy above and beyond his position of Assistant Dean.


Marlene R. Mack, Office Manager, Technology Licensing Office: Marlene's leadership and management skills have improved office operations, while her sense of humor and professional demeanor have contributed to an increasingly positive work environment. She has implemented programs to assist staff in developing office skills, and created an "activities committee" to organize events that bring all of TLO together in a lighthearted and inclusive environment.


George T. MacKay, Project Technician, Plasma Science and Fusion Center:  George's positive attitude motivates students, technicians, engineers, and scientists who work with him on the Lower Hybrid Project.  Through his tireless efforts he has become the person most knowledgeable about many of the project's engineering systems.  His unselfish determination and other exceptional qualities make him a role model for professionalism and dedication to MIT.


Pamela McGill, Administrative Assistant II, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology: Pam is a superstar, who not only excels at her job in a complex organization she also devotes care and attention to the organization as a  whole, making it a better place to work: more effective, more fun, more productive, and more professional.  She mentors others, leads group efforts to improve operations, and initiated a newsletter to help create community and communication.  Pam is a remarkable individual who leads by example.


Paul T. Menadier, Special Projects Engineer, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory: Paul's initiative, knowledge of instrumentation, and leadership in addressing technical issues have been a major factor in the safe operation of the Research Reactor for decades. His creative drive, combined with skill and an incredible work ethic, make him stand apart.  Paul's quiet energy and persistent enthusiasm are exemplary and inspired many colleagues and students to set high and balanced goals.


Yakov Ostrovsky,  Research Engineer, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory:  Yakov is able to transform ideas, however abstract, into reality. He invests himself zealously in every project, striving calmly to meet all deadlines, seeing everything through to its successful conclusion. We feel humbled by the way he embraces new technology and applies it to the benefit of whatever he is working on.  He has helped many students in the design of their own experiments. Yakov is the type of MIT employee who is essential to maintaining our standing as a premier research university.


Amanda Tat, Senior Fiscal Officer, Administrative Services Organization:  Amanda is simply the most knowledgeable and effective fiscal officer I have dealt with in over 30 years on the faculty at MIT. She sets an extraordinarily high standard for herself, and handles a very heavy workload in an exceptional manner, working long hours to meet the requirements of the position. She has been a major facilitator for countless faculty, both within and outside of the ASO who know that she will have all the answers.  I am grateful to her for the dedication and strong work ethic she brings to the work environment.