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Testimonials for the 2002 Infinite Mile Award Winners

Cheryl Baranauskas, Senior Patent Documentation Clerk, Technology Licensing Office: "Aside from doing a marvelous job in her area of expertise, Cheryl has also volunteered to take on additional responsibilities in the past year...She has stepped in to help (our Docketing Manager) with added job responsibilities...(She) strives to provide assistance to the office in whatever capacity is needed."


Carol Costa, Administrative Assistant, Research Laboratory of Electronics: "... in planning the Center, we considered whether we would need someone new dedicated solely to CUA. Carol thought she could take on the new work even though it meant a significantly greater workload. Carol has been doing a magnificent job with all the tasks and a good deal more."


Jean Dzengeleski, Special Project Director, Office of the Provost: "Jean works tirelessly and successfully bridging the understanding between academic administrators and central administrators. She does all this with an unassuming, respectful and pleasant approach... It is likely she saved the Institute hundreds of thousands of dollars."


Jacqueline Donoghue, Administrative Assistant, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment: "She is the backbone of the operation . . . (She) goes well beyond her position description to make sure that things run properly and to create a positive atmosphere." "Her dedication to students, combined with her encyclopedic knowledge of the MIT system makes her the person that I consistently rely on. " "She gives help unconditionally."


Matthew Fulton, Facilities and Safety Coordinator, Plasma Science and Fusion Center: "Matt's work this year in overseeing the renovations, restructuring, and additions to our facility has been phenomenal. His negotiations have been very beneficial in achieving the best value for the money spent on these projects...He has aided MIT by contributing to a number of the environmental task groups revamping MIT's Environmental, Health and Safety Program."


Heidi Johnson, Administrative Assistant, MIT Haystack Observatory: "As the need to make appealing graphic presentations has grown, so has the cost of hiring design firms...We have been incredibly lucky to have one person willing to step forward and take on this important job...While becoming proficient in graphic arts, Heidi has continued work for a very active group of scientists."


Dana Bresee Keeth, Director, International Scholars Office and Danielle Guichard-Ashbrook, Director, International Students Office: " ... after September 11, they exceed(ed) their normal outstanding and professional contributions in order to help the Institute and MIT's international community respond to new and significant challenges... They have continued to provide the community with first class service while wading through a sea of new policy considerations."


Laura Koller, Multimedia Producer, Center for Advanced Educational Services: "Laura is the consummate professional. With almost no direct supervision, she figures out what to do, how to do it, and then she does it ... . you can assign a difficult and ill-defined project and be assured she will structure the most reasonable approach and then carry it out with exceptional ability."


Evette M. Layne, Director, MIT/Wellesley Upward Bound Program: "Evette consistently demonstrates an ability to instill willingness to succeed in those youths... she possesses a sensitivity and unselfishness that allows her to extend herself on behalf of our youth and program... (She) has single-handedly brought our department ... from manually driven to computer driven information systems."


Albert T. McGurl, Facilities Coordinator, Research Laboratory of Electronics: "... has undertaken the task of being the de-facto facilities officer while still our lead maintenance mechanic... Al's positive attitude is contagious ... People in RLE know that the two words 'Call Al' are all that are needed to get something done." " I have been gratified by the increasing leadership Mr. McGurl has demonstrated."


Judith Medeiros-Adams, Administrative Assistant, Committee for the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects: "Her attention to detail and knowledge of the work of the Committee is such that she has on many occasions had insights that I or other Committee members have overlooked. She has enhanced both the substantive and administrative functions of the Committee enormously. ... going out of her way, to help students who need the approval of the Committee but who face a thesis or other deadline."


Wanda Molina, Administrative Assistant, Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory: "She is not only a superior employee but a person whose unique warmth and high personal standards greatly enrich life at the Magnet Lab." " (Wanda's) pleasant, can-do attitude, availability and initiative have not been remotely matched by anyone I have encountered since leaving MIT... I'm a believer in MIT's philosophy of excellence, innovation and standard-setting. I know that Wanda embodies this philosophy."


Paulette Mosley, Administrative Officer, Operations Research Center: "She goes out of her way to engage students ... especially when they need particular attention or support. " "Paulette has an uncanny ability to sense how students are doing academically as well as emotionally and she is the best person I have ever met at helping match these two demands... She is the 'glue' of the ORC."


Joan O'Brien, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost: "Joan demonstrates an ability to anticipate the needs of people around her, and takes initiative to offer help ... (She) continually volunteers to assist others in any way she can. She goes the extra distance to make sure everything she does is MIT-quality -- from MacVicar Day to new faculty luncheons to everyday communications."


Paul Rivenberg, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Plasma Science and Fusion Center: "The tremendous success of the (Mr. Magnet) Program which brings a very positive image of MIT to thousands of Massachusetts families is highly dependent on the hard work of Mr. Rivenberg. His many accomplishments have made him an outstanding contributor to our programs at MIT as well as to national programs in science."


James Rosati, Engineering Coordinator, Plasma Science and Fusion Center: "We have learned to count on Jim to always come through with both the hard work and good ideas needed to solve problems... He inspires his co-workers each day with his dedication and strong work ethic. He does all his work to high standards and helps others to do the same."


William H. Smith III, Assistant Director for Finance and Sponsor Relations, Research Laboratory of Electronics: "What I admire most in Bill is his unwavering commitment to make RLE and MIT a better place, day in and day out." "...he exemplifies the best that can be found in an MIT administrator. He has completely internalized what MIT is about: the teaching and research of its faculty and students."


Lydia Snover, Assistant to the Provost for Institutional Research, Office of the Provost: "Lydia is one of MIT's most extraordinary professionals. She has served the MIT community with unstinting energy, imagination and devotion. Her efforts... have helped to insure that MIT is always well prepared with timely information and with analysis that is impeccable: essential ingredients for good decision making."


Mike Titus, Technical Associate, Haystack Observatory: "... his personal mission is to ensure that Haystack's science and technical goals are met at the highest levels of excellence ... Where he really shines is in his good humor and positive attitude... Mike's reputation extends to the global VLBI community and is part of the reason that Haystack is seen as a center of VLBI excellence."


Denise Vaillancourt, Financial Manager, Technology Licensing Office: "Denise has added an enormous second job to her work load this year. She is the primary liaison from TLO to consultants building a new office database... while still performing her financial management role... She has assembled a multi-functional coordination team ... to assure that the system not only meets TLO's needs, but those of central MIT."


Jennifer Weiss, Administrative Assistant, The Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology: "Mere words woefully lack the impact to adequately convey the exceptional talent and capacity she brings to all she touches in HST... If we in HST can find our students, identify their grades, track trends, reach out to alumni for support, and put it all in a flashy PowerPoint presentation, we can do so only because of Jennifer Weiss."