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Testimonials for the 2001 Infinite Mile Award Winners

Rejean Boivin, Research Scientist, Plasma Science and Fusion Center "His efforts in this area have enhanced the international reputation of the Alcator group in fusion research... He also developed and presented an entertaining and educational program relating problems in plasma physics to everyday cooking events for the January IAP program."

"... completely under his own initiative, he began detailed training sessions for additional scientists, in order that they can also effectively help with the Plasma Science and Fusion Center's efforts."


Thomas Cavin, Manager, Computer Operations, Whitaker College "Tom's initiative, even-handedness, ability to work with people at all levels, diplomacy, willingness to put in long hours and go the extra mile ... made the realization of a new high-speed computer network, which was nothing short of a minor miracle, a reality. . Tom has integrity. He is not territorial or self-serving; his goals are to provide the best level of service possible."

"He also mentors the staff in his department, allowing them to learn and grow in their daily responsibilities."


Ronald S. Crichlow, Director of Educational Opportunity Programs, Office of Educational Opportunity Programs "Ronn's dedication to serve the people of Cambridge and his desire to serve as a positive role model for the Upward Bound students, undergraduate staff members and professional staff ... has been inspiring... Ronn's enthusiasm about his work/career and his commitment to providing opportunities for his staff members to grow and excel have been instrumental in the professional development of his staff ... (through ) the amount of time he devotes to matters concerning the youth of Cambridge and the community at large and his willingness to volunteer his personal time, Mr. Crichlow demonstrates a great understanding of what it takes to be a leader."


Timothy Downes, Administrative Officer, Sea Grant Program "Tim is considered a model within this organization and is held in the highest esteem among his colleagues. A quality that sets Tim apart is that he is always the first to volunteer to help."

"Over the years he has been actively involved in Sea Grant's coastal program, often on weekends and evenings. He has accepted an ever-increasing workload without the slightest hesitation, and continues to strive to improve his knowledge and performance." He has the foresight to establish excellent relationships with his counterparts both inside and outside MIT, so in a time of need he always has a friend on the other side of a telephone who is ready to help."


Catherine Fiore, Research Scientist, Plasma Science and Fusion Center "Catherine has implemented a range of new safety initiatives including a radiation protection program, creating a safety seminar ... and has put in place a chemical hygiene plan... Catherine has instilled both a greater awareness of and a greater respect for safety procedures and practices than previously existed... Catherine is extremely conscientious about her role of ensuring a healthy and accident-free work environment at the PSFC."


David Foss, Computer Facility Manager, Research Laboratory of Electronics "Quite often, Dave pulls off the impossible, and in this way, serves the Laboratory and the Institute with distinction matched only by a few."

(And from someone in a department outside his own:) "Dave is here in the department whenever we have systems issues that are beyond the capability of our staff. He unselfishly gives his time to our organization while still obviously maintaining a working technical environment in his own lab... He is particularly effective in mentoring our facility manager. . . He goes where he's needed and stays until the job is completed to his satisfaction."


Beatrice Frain, Coordinator for Institute Research, Office of the Provost "One of her greatest assets is her ability to work with lots of people and to be able to convince them to work toward a common goal. ... Bea often works late into the night to be sure a project is completed on time and correctly... Bea works not only for MIT, but she works FOR MIT. She always thinks about what is best for MIT."


Jim Irby, Research Scientist, Plasma Science and Fusion Center "Through all the challenges, Jim maintains a perfect sense of equilibrium. He treats people with the utmost respect, while bringing forth from them outstanding efforts."

"Jim's contribution to the morale and team spirit at Alcator C-Mod cannot be emphasized enough. He leads by participation, active in numerous projects in small and large ways, jumping in to do a calculation here, draft an engineering layout there ... Everyone feels he is working alongside of them, and he often is, ... His positive attitude that we're all in it together and can have fun in the achievement of our goals is infectious."


Mary Leen, Associate Director, MIT Museum "In addition to her regular duties ... she instituted a number of reforms in Museum operations including a reorganization of the Advisory Board and the evolution of exhibition production into a genuine team-based collaborative effort, resulting in the successful opening of the Museum's first permanent exhibition to be professionally designed... (as organizer of fundraising) her efforts have raised, by orders of magnitude, more funds than the Museum has ever actively secured before."


Craig Milanesi, Video Production Coordinator, Center for Advanced Educational Services "His quest for quality brings out the best in others."

"Craig could easily cite (guidelines governing advance notice for assignments), and turn down last minute requests, but he almost always find a way to get the job done, saying that our MIT clients count on us to deliver and we can't let them down."

"His dedication and real love for what he does is an inspiration and ultimately something that made me want to work in the same department."


David Mycue, Director, Digital Information Systems and Services, Center for Advanced Educatonal Services "He has single-handedly created a nationally known center of excellence here at MIT in video digitization and video streaming.... David Mycue is a miracle worker... In his continual pursuit of excellence, he has become a cyber detective... I have every confidence in David to represent MIT's CAES anywhere on campus and to companies with whom he interacts."


Madeleine Needles, Librarian, Haystack Observatory "Above and beyond her contributions as librarian at which she is par excellence, she has tirelessly promoted Haystack Observatory and its mission and activities completely unselfishly and extremely successfully through self-motivated educational outreach, connections with the media and public relations activities."


Susan Rosevear, Education Officer, Center for Material Science and Engineering "(Susan) stepped into the various voids created by recent staff departures and systematically assumed each of their critical functions until replacements were found... Amazingly, Susan took on the heroic task of basically running the administrative activities of the Center without compromising her normal job activities... Working undauntedly with our partner, Susan has essentially doubled the number of students who will participate in the (Undergraduate Summer Research Internships) program in the coming summer."


Danielle Severino, Administrative Secretary, Technology and Development Program "Danielle has come to be known as the person to go to if you are faced with a problem... Professionalism is exhibited in terms of knowledge, understanding and ability to accomplish the support needs of a variety of people at all levels in a variety of sometimes conflicting circumstances... She is never too busy to lend a hand to any individual with a problem, whether that person is related to one of the three units she works for or not. If a person is in trouble, she is right there."


Marilyn T. Smith, Assistant Director for Administration, The McGovern Institute for Brain Research "As a major player in important, Institute-wide committees, and in addition to her own department work, she has always been able to establish a dialogue and develop trust... The complexities of each of her Institute roles have challenged her into performing above expectations... She was always the hub on which the wheel turned... . Her ascent to positions that constantly required more of her time never affected her wonderful nature."


Paul Thomas, Technical Supervisor, Plasma Science & Fusion Center "MIT puts a high value on interaction between the Institute and the community. ... (as Mr. Magnet) Paul has fostered this kind of interaction weekly, and has made a tremendous impact... Paul Thomas deserves this award for the tireless attention he has paid to young students... Paul's inventiveness never lets up. He always has a new idea, some new concept he wants to explore with the students, or a better way to communicate his material."


Patricia Vargas, Assistant Director, Technology Development Program "She continuously represents MIT and the Program in remarkable and consistently positive ways, supported by her compassionate and professional manner... I have seen her articulate the Institute's position with unrelenting persistence. Her loyalty to MIT is totally beyond question."

"Accepting challenges that could be daunting to others, Pat earned the respect of all involved and succeeded."


Lidia Vasconcelos, Assistant Animal Technician, Division of Comparative Medicine "She is an outstanding animal technician who exemplifies the best traits of an employee. She performs her work with concern and compassion... When her Area Supervisor was unavailable, she stepped forward and used her considerable leadership abilities.. She performs not only her specific job responsibilities, but also contributes to the success of the Institute's animal resource program as a whole."


Robert Westgate, Computer Support Specialist, Technology Licensing Office "On many occasions, Bob has taken the initiative to develop application solutions before they have been required."

"Bob's attitude of 'can do, more than happy to help' makes it easy for anyone in the TLO ... to ask for help... He has established fine working links with IS people throughout MIT, so that our relationships and ability to get support from central services have increased considerably."


Mary Young, Fiscal Officer, Research Laboratory of Electronics "Mary's combination of intelligence, expertise, dedication and good humor reflects nothing but the highest credit on the Laboratory."

"All personal encounters with Ms. Young are marked by her friendly smile and her eagerness to provide the help that is asked."

"She not only mentors personnel within the Laboratory, she also finds time to provide advice and counsel to financial officers outside of the Laboratory."