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Nomination Process

Who May Nominate

Any permanent MIT employee included under Eligibility (e.g., support and service staff, administrative staff, post docs, research staff, senior research scientists/engineers, faculty) may nominate one or more individuals or teams of individuals employed in the offices, labs, departments and centers of our administrative unit: the Offices of the Provost and Vice President for Research. For a detailed listing, see

Employees in our administrative unit may also nominate, for an award from our administrative unit’s allocation, employees who are employed in other administrative units, if the nominee provides a service to a lab, center or department in our administrative unit. See Special Instructions, below.

Nomination Process:
Preparing and Submitting Nominations

Complete the brief Infinite Mile Awards Nomination Form (one form per candidate or team) and forward the form and accompanying nomination letter(s) to the nominee's Administrative Officer or Director in hard copy or as email attachments. One-two page nomination letters should be addressed to: IMA Selection Committee, Room 10-370. AOs or Directors must indicate their approval by signing the bottom of the nomination form and submitting everything via email to (preferred) or in hard copy to Room 10-370.

Note: These instructions are for nominating an individual or team employed in our administrative units (Offices of the Provost or Vice President for Research), regardless of where the person making the nomination is employed. See exceptions under Special Instructions, below.

There should only be one Infinite Mile Nomination Form and one lead nominator per candidate. Nomination letters should be one-two pages, with no more than five letters of support per candidate.  The nomination letter(s) should provide specific documentation and examples of why the individual is being nominated. Please refer to Criteria for Selection and Helpful hints for details.

The identity of all nominees will be kept strictly confidential.

Special Instructions:

To nominate an Administrative Officer: Contact or the IMA co-coordinators for guidance on completion of the Infinite Mile Awards Nomination Form.

To nominate an employee or team from another administrative unit (outside the Offices of the Provost and the Vice President for Research) who provides a service to your department, lab or center: Send the Infinite Mile Awards Nomination Form and nomination letter(s) to your own Administrative Officer or Director.

Persons wishing to nominate an employee from another administrative unit who does not meet the above criterion should contact that employee’s department headquarters to obtain information on its nominating procedure.